How to cook cheese samosas

Mix flour , salt, bakin pwd n oil till it resembles a crumble mixture. Then slowly add cold water n bring the dough together. Knead it well,should b soft n elastic. Keep aside

In another bowl add cheese, onions, chillies,salt n pepper. Mix well

Divide the dough into balls of equal portions.

Sprinkle some flour on the surface n Roll the dough ball into a thin disc

Put some of the cheese mixture filling on the bottom part of the rolled out dough ball.

Fold the top half over the filling like this

Using a fork, crimp the top n bottom layer

Make sure that its sealed properly

Do the same with all the other dough balls n keep aside.

Heat oil in a wok n fry the cheese filled samosas till they r golden brown

These samosas can b filled with pretty much anything. Mince meat , cottage cheese, potatoes n peas are all gud filling ideas .serve hot with ketchup or some chutney.

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