How to make chicken cordon bleu casserole

Pre-heat oven to 350°

First the rice! Use any kind of rice you would like. White would be best, I am using jasmine rice.

Add rice and water and turn up the heat till it boils.

For the chicken i am using a rotisserie chicken from my local store asda for UK, wal-mart for usa. 1 chicken yields about 3 cups.

Tear up chicken or cut into cubes.

Mix sour cream, cream of chicken, and milk.

Smash saltines into crumbs and add paprika and parsley. Mix together.

This is what rice should look like.

Take out about 2 cups of rice and add to greased pan. Mash at the bottom.

Add the 3 cups of chicken to top of rice.

Add 6 slices of cheese on top of chicken.

Take out the ham and cube it.

Add ham to top of cheese.

Take the wet mixture and pour over your casserole.

Top the saltine mixture over the casserole ans bake off at 350° for 30 minutes!

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