How to make paneer/indian cottage cheese entree - 10mins

Heat the pan to medium, add olive oil, curry leaves (optional) and green chillies

Add onion & bell pepper, add some salt to it (it helps to cook fast )

Cover up the pan for 1min (this is optional, though onion & bell pepper will cook fast by this)

Cook until onion turn light brown - should be done in 1-2 mins (when added salt)

Add tomato to the pan and stir it. Let it cook for 2 mins. Stir in between to ensure that the entree doesn't stick on the pan.

Add Paneer to the entree and mix it well so that Paneer picks the flavour of the entree. You can also use TOFU instead of Paneer.

Add salt and pepper to taste! And it's done!

Watch the video: MUST WATCH -Paneer making process in factories In INDIA (May 2021).