How to make a decent cup of coffee

Ensure group heads are in the machine

Empty group head of coffee grounds.

Wipe out group head with a clean dry cloth.

Turn on grinder.

Some machines will have two switches.

Release coffee into group head. Just over fill.

Tap group head firmly on the bench to settle coffee. Not so hard that it all flies out though.

Push coffee towards you with a curved finger.

Sweep off excess coffee, digging in slightly to create a concave profile.

Use tamper to compress coffee. Use considerable pressure.

Purge machine.

Lock group head into place.

Press appropriate button for the size and strength you're making.

Pour milk into jug

Flush steam arm

Hold jug against steam arm when flushing to prevent burns.

Place nozzle so that the tip is about one centimetre below the surface.

Nozzle should be just off centre so that a whirlpool is created.

Milk should be heated to between 65 and seventy five degrees. If not using a thermometer this is about a count of three after the jug is too hot for fingers to hold.

Flush steam arm again.

Milk should be silky. Tap and swirl jug to stop milk separating.

Wipe steam arm with damp clean cloth

Pour in milk. Remember to tap and swirl. Froth comes out first so pour off cappuccinos first.

Watch the video: The Art of Pour Over Coffee by Joe Bean Coffee Roasters (May 2021).