How to make candy sushi

First things first, gather all your supplies.

On the back of the marshmallow package, there should be a recipe for Rice Crispy Treats. Follow the recipe to make our "rice" :)

Cover your cookie sheet with some wax paper to prevent the Crispies from sticking

Pour your Crispies in and cover the entire sheet evenly.

I like to put another sheet of wax paper over top and pat it down with another sheet or cutting board to make sure they have a flat top.

Place the sheet in the freezer an let it set for about 10-15 min.

Once they're set, use a pizza cutter to make slices about as wide as three or four fingers.

If the treats are real thick, cover with a sheet of wax paper and use a rolling pin to roll they flatter

Unwrap and unroll two fruit roll ups. Then Lay them on the silicone mat or sushi mat so their sides overlap slightly and press down to seal them together.

Grab a sheet of crispies an lay them on the roll ups, leaving a bit of roll up showing at the top. (if you were impatient like me, the crispies will fall apat. WAIT FOR THEM TO SET)

Place your little candies in a nice line towards the middle of the crispie part. I used Snickers and a normal Hersey bar cut up, but you can use whatever you prefer :)

Okay now's the hard part. Pick up the edge of the roll and fold over the candies. Then pick up the mat and start to roll the whole thing, squeezing tight to keep everything together.

Use a sharp knife to slice up your candy sushi.

I started another roll. This ones more sweet :3

Here ya go!!! Finished candy sushi! :D enjoy.

Watch the video: Make a Mini Candy Lunch Box! つくろうおべんとう (May 2021).